New York has updated it's law regarding rear-facing child seats.

Starting today, it is now state law that children ride in a rear facing seat up until they are 24 months old according to the Car Seat blog. Before today, keeping kids rear facing until the age of 2 used to be recommended, not required, according to WHAM. If you are a parent you are well aware kids are simply safer in a rear facing seat, and New York state has plenty of information about car seat safety.

Now, if you are wondering how this law applies if your child outgrows a rear facing seat, the Car Seat Blog says  the law accommodates for children to move in to an "...appropriate forward-facing seat' should they get to big for a rear facing seat.

My wife Stacy and I kept our kids rear facing as long as we possibly could, and both were well past the age of 3 when we moved them to forward facing seats. We just always felt they were safer  that way, and there was one other side benefit: we didn't have to watch them mocking us in the rear view mirror!

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