Whether you're heading out for those "Black Friday" deals on electronics/toys or searching for that hot item to give as a gift, no matter what, you're going to need a pair of Ugg boots.    Regardless of how you look at it, you or someone you know, needs Uggs.

  The weather is unpredictable this time of year and you don't want your feet to be cold.  You also need a pair of shoes that are comfortable enough to shop all day today and this weekend.


Now, in case you've got someone on your Christmas shopping list that you just can't think of a gift to get them, why not a pair of Uggs?  Especially if you need a gift for "the girl that has everything."  Uggs are not cheap, but they are very popular and don't typically go on sale.  So get them on Black Friday or before because otherwise the size and color you want to buy for someone or yourself, will sell out by Christmas.  If they're a little bit more than you wanted to spend on someone, maybe you have a friend or family member that could go halves with you on a pair of Uggs for someone.


Where can you find Uggs on Black Friday?  Well, Family Footwear of course!  They have the classic short Uggs, they have the classic talls.  You want black, chestnut or sand?  They have all those colors as well!  But like I said, they sell out fast.  Uggs use to be more a fashion buy, but now they are more of a practical must for anyone's winter.  Depending on the style you want, Uggs can range in price from $150 to $200. 

Still too much for you to budget?  Well, check out our website then.  We're running a little contest now until December 1st along with Family Footwear.  We're giving away a pair of classic short Uggs, a $150 value, to a couple of lucky listeners and registrants.  No purchase necessary.  Just fill out the register to win.  Good luck!  And remember, Uggs are your friend!


This post has been sponsored by our advertising partner Family Footwear with three area locations – Troy, Lake George, and Bennington VT