It's the start of a new year and with each year comes  new friends, new experiences and new trends -- fashion trends most importantly.  Many times we look at these trends or fads, as some call them, and either love them, hate  them or just shake our head in confusion.

One trend that has stuck around now for at least six years consecutively are the infamous Uggs.  When girls were wearing these to classes at Siena, I couldn't get over how ugly and frumpy they looked and refused to conform.  However, at the start of the winter of 2006, I gave up my fight against conformity and invested in my first pair of chocolate, classic tall, Uggs.

Now for those of you who don't know Uggs very well, there are many style and color options -- too many to count or name.  The classic/basic Uggs come in either tall, short or mini heights and colors such as black, chestnut, sand, chocolate, grey and many more.  I am myself own three pairs to date. They're like M&Ms -- you can't just have one!  The problem now is my original pair of chocolate talls are starting to look a little shabby.  So, do I invest in a new pair of brown Uggs?  Do I get a different color?  Or do I try and get by with the black and grey pairs that are still in good shape?  Afterall it would be silly to re-invest in a trend that could be dead by next Fall.

The possibilities are endless, but most likely Uggs will be back next fall/winter.  I think if you are presented with the same dilemma I am, you need to ask yourself, "do I like Uggs because everyone has or wants them or do I want them because they are easy and extremely comfortable to wear?" 

Obviously, everyone's situation is different, but for me, they are extremely handy to throw on to run to the store; de-ice my car; walk my dogs; and wear to the radio station in the morning.  The morning show guys will continue to tease and make fun of my "Uggly boots," but I think I might just have to retire and replace my brown pair.  Even if they aren't completely in style next year.  I know I'll be comfortable wearing them no matter what I'm doing. 

Now the question is, what height and color do I want next?