Ugg boots are back this season, just like last year and the year before.  If you aren't familiar with the history of Uggs, they started off years ago with their "classic" style and colors.  Now they have formed into so much more -- more than anyone can handle.

Despite them being termed "ugg-ly," they really are quite the functional boot.  I blogged last week about Uggs to explain further about their diversity.  However, the other great thing about Uggs, is that anyone really can wear them.  Since they come in so many colors and styles now, children can fit into them, teenagers and young women can rock them out, and women can also put them to good use.  If you're a state or office worker, for example, how many times do you have to park in some weird lot across downtown Albany and then either walk or catch a shuttle bus to get to your office building.  Instead of throwing on those pearly white sneakers, throw on a pair of Uggs!

You don't need to go crazy with getting the most current style.  The classic style is the most popular and the most versatile.  They come in mini, short or tall heights and are offered in numerous colors such as gray, black, chestnut (lighter brown), chocolate (dark brown), or sand (beige).

So just remember, don't knock them until you try them!  Oh, and before I forget.  If you think you'd like to try a pair, but don't want to waste your money in case you end up not loving them, check out our website.  We've teamed up with Family Footwear to give away a free pair of classic short Uggs.  They retail for $150 a pop!  No purchase is necessary.  Just register to win at our website.  Check it out today and share this blog so all your friends can try to win, too!

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