We're not exactly sure what the object is in the video shared all over social media this weekend, but from what we're able to see, it doesn't appear to be an airplane.

What I see is a triangular formation - comprised of three round objects -  darting from one quadrant of the screen to another.  And it appears to move pretty quickly.

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So what was it?  Here's what the eyewitness said:

“I was watching a weird flashing light in the sky, and caught sight of the triangle…”

Eyewitness reports UFO In Albany Sky (Around Albany IG Page)


Watch the 2-minute video below of what people are saying is a UFO over Albany, taken by an eyewitness on February 24th.

The video appeared over the weekend after it was posted to the Around Albany Instagram page.  I've watched it a few times, and true to the video's description, a strange triangular object does appear in the video.

Capital Region residents are no strangers to UFO sightings, here's one from a few months ago: Residents Mystified by Strange Beam of Light in Schoharie County.

The person filming the video says they started their camera hoping to catch a video of another "weirdly flashing light in the sky" when they saw something else appear out the corner of their screen.

Here's the video that was taken at approximately 7:30 pm on February 24th: Can anyone explain these strange lights over Albany?



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