Do little green men exist?  Is it possible that we are not the only life-form in existence?  You may or may not know this about me, but almost daily, I go down a rabbit hole searching for the latest UFO videos or any information regarding more declassified UFO stuff from the Pentagon.  Generally speaking, I do tend to get a bit bored looking at the same "tic-tac" videos from Navy pilots, but I also find it encouraging that more and more reputable news outlets are discussing the possibly of UFO's.

Regardless of my relatively guarded optimism, I'm still thoroughly fascinated by the possibility of aliens visiting, observing, studying and watching us.

I have been ever since I saw the movie E.T. a million years ago.

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Recently I learned about a group of individuals that "aim to create the world's largest Ufology archive."  They call themselves the UFOAR UFO Research Team and they post videos to their website and on YouTube every few days highlighting reported UFO cases from around the world.  A few days ago they uploaded a video featuring recent cases, but there was one video claimed to be taken in Utica that was either reported or shared back on June 6th.

If you want to zip ahead, it's at the 8:04 mark of the 10:00 minute video and lasts about a :80 seconds.  In the video, the phenomenon appears as a formation of seven or eight UFO's that initially look a bit like The Big Dipper constellation.  But the formation starts to move, break apart, get back together again, and then disperse.

I'm not even educated enough to venture a guess as to what this is, and I'll always be somewhat skeptical until I see some high-def pictures and video as opposed to the these grainy ones that keep popping up.

But the UFO rabbit hole seems endless, and I have plenty of spare time to look.

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