I should probably state in advance that yes, I am paid spokesperson for TrustCo Banks, you may have heard me talking about them on the air from time to time, but I would also like to state that they did not pay me to write this story. I legit think this is a really cool thing that will help communities and children throughout our area and I hope that by giving them some praise they will make it a long lasting project!

TrustCo Bank

On Tuesday Trust Co Bank announced that they would be renovating local parks and they started with Quackenbush park in Schenectady.

I really love this idea and a nice commitment to the are from a business that calls itself your "Home Town Bank" , it appears the people at TrustCo take that pretty seriously.

In Quackenbush Park, near Mont Pleasant Elementary, they paved and lined basketball courts, supplied trash cans and new park benches. They provided a new sign for the park, and for me the best part is that bank employees went out to rake and clean the park before the unveiled the results on Wednesday morning.

Way to step it up TrustCo!