Every time Starbucks comes out with a crazy frappuccino, I try it. I just heard they introduced their "Witches Brew" frappuccino and gave it a shot.  I am not a coffee drinker, in fact, I hate coffee. But I do like Starbucks' tea and their non-coffee frappuccinos. So, on occasion, they come out with funky flavors and colors of different frappuccinos. This time it's their pretty wicked "Witches Brew".

I picked one up over the weekend and they had me liking it right off the bat. My favorite color is purple and even though there should have been green swirls in it, I liked how it looked.

They claim it is made with "toad's breath" which gives it the purple color, a swirl of green "bat warts" (which was missing from mine) and on top a "swamp fog" of vanilla whipped cream. The green dust on the top they claim to be green "lizard scales".

Townsquare Media

I have to admit, it was really sweet and kinda gross. I enjoyed the topping with the vanilla cream, but the main part of the frappuccino wasn't good at all. Oh well, I tried it. This "Witches Brew" is available through the Halloween season.