If you and your sweetie are country music fans, then it just seems right to name your baby a perfectly country name!

SoundsLikeNashville.com made a list of the 10 best country music-inspired baby names.

Here they are -

1.  Bentley.  Use it for a boy or girl.  And it's one of my favorites because I heart Dierks!

2.  Blake.  Also could be used for a girl, even though it's an homage to Mr. Shelton.

3.  Cash.

4.  Dixie.  The Dixie Chicks are making a comeback! (But I'm not sure about the name!)

5.  Dolly.  Or you could keep it even more old school and go with 'Jolene.'

6.  Faith

7.  June

8.  Nash

9.  Paisley.

10.  Rhett.  For Thomas Rhett . . . AND his dad Rhett Atkins.  Use it for girls, though, too!

What other country names can you think of???  Let us know in the comment section below!

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Thomas Rhett Crash and Burn lyrics
Rick Diamond, Getty Images for CMT

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