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Jason Aldean Gets Baby Name Ideas from Brian [VIDEO]
Friday night I got to sit down with one of the industries biggest stars, Jason Aldean. We talked about potential baby names for his first son and Jason walked away with a one of a kind souvenier from the 518 that I think he genuinely appreciated!
Vote For April's Baby's Name
If you are like me, you have been consumed by April the Giraffe and how beautiful her baby calf is. Since the webcam has gone dark, we have been left in the dark as to how they are doing on a minute to minute basis. But it was announced today that the top 10 names are up for us to vote on.
Top Ten Country Baby Names
If you and your sweetie are country music fans, then it just seems right to name your baby a perfectly country name! made a list of the 10 best country music-inspired baby names.
Here they are -
1.  Bentley...
If You Have One of These 10 Names, You’re Probably a Genius
So I guess Bethany isn't on the list.... but maybe your name is!
A website called Mooseroots studied 14,750 geniuses to figure out the most common first names.
They made a list that included writers, scientists, mathematicians, artists, philosophers, inventors, composers, and Nobel laureates and …
Baby Names Inspired by the Capital Region
So maybe you're not into the name "North" or "Saint" but you want a cool, hip, meaningful name for your new little bundle of joy!
Have you considered naming your babe after the town you grew up in?  Or the back road he or she was conceived on...
The Most Popular Baby Names of 2014
I love when this list come out every year!
The Social Security Administration just released its data on the most popular baby names for last year, and there aren't any big surprises.
The most popular name for boys was Noah, for the second ye
ar in a row...
Top Baby Names For 2014 just released their lists of the most popular baby names for 2014.  And maybe we've just been pounded into submission by the modern trendy names, but they don't induce the eye rolling they used to.
The top ten names for boys this year are:

The Baby Names Most Parents Regret Giving Their Babies
I've heard that the sweetest sound a person ever hears id their own name. It is something that in many ways defines you as a person, and can effect you your entire life. Think about it, if you were a human resource manager and you have two resumes in front of you, with each applicant being othe…