So maybe you're not into the name "North" or "Saint" but you want a cool, hip, meaningful name for your new little bundle of joy!

Have you considered naming your babe after the town you grew up in?  Or the back road he or she was conceived on?  Or maybe you're just full of pride for the Capital Region and you want to call Jr. something that reminds you of "home"!

Here is a list I came up with for you of baby names inspired by our beautiful listening area!

Naming a child is seriously one of the hardest and most important decisions you'll ever make!  So, all kidding (see what I did there) aside, consider some of these cool names!

And, if you can think of any I forgot, please add them in the comment section below!

Albany - for the city

Ann - for Fort Ann

Averill - for Averill Park

Benson - for the town

Berne - for the town of Berne

Canaan - for the town

Cole - for Cole Hill State Park

Clark - for Clarksville

Clifton - for Clifton Park

Clinton - for Clinton Ave

Duane - for Duanesburg

Esperance - for the town

Everett - for Everett Road

Feura - for Feura Bush

George - for Lake George

Glen - for Glenmont and Glenville and Glens Falls

Harmony - for Harmony Corners

Hope - for the town

Hudson - HVCC or the river, or the Hudson Valley in general

Lark - for Lark Street

Maria - for Mariaville

Max - for Maxwell Road

May - for Mayfield

Medusa - for the town

Milton - for the town

Morris - for Morris Road

Ozzy - for Osbourne Road

Pearl - for the street

Pharaoh - for Pharaoh Lake

Preston - for Preston-Porter Hollow

Porter - for Preston-Porter Hollow

Reid - for Reidsville

River - for any/all rivers

Salem - for the town of Salem

Sara - for Saratoga

Schuyler - for Schuylerville

Siena - for the college

Sloan - Sloansville

Spencer - for Spencertown

Stephen - for Stephentown

Thacher - for John Boyd Thacher Park

Thompson - for Thompsons Lake

Troy - for the city

Usher - for Ushers

Virginia - for Virginia Ave

Valerie - for Valerie Drive

Warren - for Warrensburg

Wolf - for Wolf Road



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