I know, I know, "Marissa, this sounds like a Monopoly joke!" You're right, it does.

"Bank error in your favor: $100."

Except, in this case...it's true! 

So, here's the deal. Recently Key Bank acquired First Niagra and with that, bye bye, First Niagra. But, because of the switch a lot of the customers involved have recently been having some issues. I know this, not because I'm a customer of either (1st National of Scotia, I see you) but because a lot of my friends have been affected by the change. Including something that a lot here in the Capital Region had experienced over the weekend - being locked out of their online accounts.

Imagine not having access to your own money - WHAT?! Of course that leads to one thing and one thing only: incredible frustration.

So, Key Bank is trying to do good by their customers and giving those accounts affected by the lock out a $100 bonus. This means they're about to pony up about $1-million dollars for their error.

Technology is supposed to be so beneficial to our businesses and lifestyles but it's moments like his that make you go, "hmmm, maybe not."

A spokeswoman for Key Bank stated Monday, "We are not disclosing the total number of clients receiving an apology and $100 credit, but we can say it was more than 10,000."

So, be checking your accounts - ya know, if you can get in 'em okay.

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