This holiday season, if you are looking to get the latest iPhone, there are bigger incentives for you to trade in your old one. Apple is trying to give you a bigger reason to buy their new iPhones. They are offering more money than ever for your trade in. According to News 10 ABC, in an effort to increase their new iPhone sales, you can get a lot more for your old iPhone.

Apple has decided to raise the trade in value of the older models through the company's Giveback Program. If you do trade in an old model, you will need to use the credit you get towards a new model iPhone.

If you trade in an iPhone 6 you will get $150 toward a new one, an iPhone 6 plus or 6s will earn you $200 credit, the iPhone 6s Plus and 7 will get you $250 toward the latest model and the iPhone 7s and 8 will earn you a $300 credit.

The new iPhones are a bit expensive, the iPhone XS will run you $1000 and the iPhone XR is $750.

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