I'll be honest, I was never the best student growing up. You could say it's because I'm lazy or you could say it was because I just didn't care. However, if this was a college course when I was in school, perhaps I would have excelled.

You mean to tell me that they'll actually give you college credit to make, taste, and study beer? Well, according to the Daily Gazette, Schenectady County Community College is offering a class called "Beers of The World".

Beer dates back thousands of years and it has to be quite an interesting class. There is so much about beer that I don't know other than how to drink it.

I'm not sure what kind of beer that I would make, but I can tell you it would involve bacon. I asked around the office and the consensus was to make waffles and syrup. That sounds good to me.

How about you? What kind of beer would you make?

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