This week has been dubbed National Karaoke Week and I for one am a guy who loves karaoke! I have blogged before about my favorite places to go. This time around I give you my list of the country songs that I love to jam out to.

1 Eight Second Ride

This Jake Owen tune has become my signature karaoke jam. You can be guaranteed that I will break it out if I head out to a karaoke bar. I have a number of friends who actually request me to sing it!

2. Ol' Red

This Blake Shelton  song just compliments my voice so well that it became one of my all-time faves over the years.

3. Tomorrow

This Chris Young hit has become a new favorite. I was singing in my car one day and decided I will try it in front of a crowd. Go lots of compliments so it has stayed in my repertorie.

4. I Brake For Brunettes

If memory serves me correctly this was one of the first songs I ever decided to do karaoke style when I started going out to the karaoke bars. I still break out this Rhett Akins tune out from time to time.

5. Picture

Many times I am asked to sing a duet with a lovely lady in a bar and this is usually the one that is chosen, so it has become a favorite of mine.

Speaking of karaoke, Richie Phillips and myself will be judging and Kevin Richards will be fourth edition of this year's Country Idol Karaoke competition at Vapor. $5000 is up for grabs in the finals in June so come out and sing your heart out on Thursday Night, April 26.

If you are a karaoke person like me, what is your favorite song to sing?

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