I have been around Bethany long enough to know that she is truly at her best with a couple of drinks in here. To be fair she is fun all the time but there is always a very thin layer of caution she has that stops her from losing all inhibitions and cutting loose. How thin is that layer? About as thin as 2 cosmopolitans. Now I don't know how many adult beverages she or her hubby had before they took the stage on their recent cruise but I think I'd be safe saying Bethany was not working with much caution, and I love every minute of it.

I have to thank "Earl" from Tennessee who was on the ship with them for calling into the show today to tell us he not only had a lot of fun meeting Bethany on the cruise ship but also filmed her Karaoke and POSTED it on YouTube. Without him we would have lost this amazing spectacle forever but now we can watch it over and over and over again.

(I should also warn you the audio comes in HOT so don't have your speakers too loud when you first hit play.)


And not to be outdone her husband "Bub" also got into the action with this duet that gets everyone dancing!


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