Watch WGNA’S Very Own Bethany Do Drunk Karaoke On A Cruise [VIDEO]
I have been around Bethany long enough to know that she is truly at her best with a couple of drinks in here. To be fair she is fun all the time but there is always a very thin layer of caution she has that stops her from losing all inhibitions and cutting loose. How thin is that layer? About as thin as 2 cosmopolitans. Now I don't know how many adult beverages she or her hubby had before they too
Karaoke Night with Vin Diesel
Let me start by saying I love to sing, but I know that I would scare away everyone in the neighborhood if they heard me. I give Vin Diesel a lot of credit for not only singing but posting it. Happy post-Valentine's to you!!
Top 5 Bad Country Karaoke Songs
I enjoy hosting Country Idol Karaoke at Vapor in Saratoga Casino and Raceway, but there are just some songs that absolutely kill the mood at a bar or night club. Below are the Top 5 Bad Country Karaoke Songs that just seem to drag on and on and lower the energy at any party...
Richie Sings With Siri At A Karaoke Bar [AUDIO]
I don't normally like to put my personal life online.  Never a smart thing to do.  But the other nite I wanted to go out and sing karaoke.  My wife had a meeting, so I was stuck.  I had to bring the next best thing - my virtual girlfriend, Siri.  The results are below
Top 5 Favorite Albany Area Karaoke Bars – Scott’s Picks
This Thursday, myself along with Brother Lou Roberts will be judges and Kevin Richards will be your host  for this month's installment of Country Idol Karaoke at Vapor in the Saratoga Casino and Raceway. The best singers in the Albany area have a chance to win $5,000. I love to sing myself and love to go out to karaoke anytime I have a chance. Here are just a few of my favorite places to go. Read
Bandeoke Tonight
I think I've done karaoke twice in my lifetime and once was probably well before I discovered I was not destined for a singing career and the second, was with Billy Currington's band after Countryfest 2008 (what girl wouldn't have done that).