Every Halloween we bring our dog, Freddie, to either my mom's house or board him. This way we know he is stress free and safe. If you aren't able to have the option, here are some tips that can keep your furry friend calm during the witching hours. Halloween can be fun for the whole family but it's important that we pay attention to what can stress out our pets. According to CBS 2, it's not just the constant flow of trick-or-treaters, it's also how we dress up our animals.

If you are putting your dog in a costume, here are a few tips that can make their Halloween fun too. Obviously the costume you choose for your pet shouldn't restrict breathing, hearing, sight, movement or ability to bark. Also make sure there are no dangling pieces that they can chew on, choke on or eat. Never put make-up on your pet, they could be toxic. It is not recommended that you bring your dog trick-or-treating either. They could be stressed out from all of the movement, noises and get into decorations on neighbors' lawns.

We all know that candy, especially chocolate can be dangerous to pets. Leave the candy bags high and away from all animals. You can give pets their favorite treats as a Halloween candy. Also be aware that pumpkins and candy corn can be harmful to your furry friends.

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