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Halloween Time - Here Are Some Pet Costume Ideas [PICS]
Halloween is right around the corner and we may or may not dress up and go trick-or-treating but we always like to dress up our dog in a cute or funny costume. Check out the pictures of our dog, Freddie, from past Halloweens and take a look at some of the pet costumes that are available this year fo…
Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe This Halloween
Every Halloween we bring our dog, Freddie, to either my mom's house or board him. This way we know he is stress free and safe. If you aren't able to have the option, here are some tips that can keep your furry friend calm during the witching hours.
Top Pet Halloween Costumes
I have to admit, I love Halloween. Not only because I have a six year old boy, but because I have a dog I can dress up. As I plan on what my dog, Freddie, will wear this Halloween, I found a list of the top pet costumes.