Our pets mean the world to us, right? And as much as we love them, we also want to make sure they're taken care of, even after we're gone. But have you ever wondered if you could spend forever with your furry friend? Here's the deal.

There are rules against burying humans and pets together in some states. But the good news for New Yorkers is that there is a way to be buried with your pet. In 2016, then-Governor Cuomo passed a law that said it's okay to bury the ashes of your pet with you, but not in religious cemeteries.

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However, your pet must already be deceased and the only way they can go with you is to have been cremated.

Other States Have Different Ways To Spend Eternity With Your Pets

Pennsylvania has had a rule since 2006 that cemeteries can have sections for humans, pets, or both. And Virginia decided in 2014 that it's okay for cemeteries to have spots where pets and humans can be buried together. But in Virginia, your pet has to be considered a companion animal under the law and have its coffin.

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Some places are even allowing whole families (humans and pets) to be buried together. It's a trend catching on as more and more people want to be close to their furry friends even after they're gone.


So, while the laws are changing, funeral directors have been helping out pet owners for a long time. They've been quietly putting urns with pet ashes into human coffins. If you're thinking about setting up something for your pet in your will, there are resources to help you figure it all out.

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