How ironic-  a morning radio guy telling you how to get more sleep.  I hope I can take my own advice!  Actually it's not MY advice - I'm just passing along what I just learned this morning

According to the Courier Mail, there are things that you can do to get more and better sleep (and I am writing this at 6am which shows you how much I get!)

Among the suggestions:

1. A hot shower helps, as it cools the body down to a good temperature

2 .Yoga is great too

3. Sleeping with a partner (as long as they don't snore, because that is one of the ways to get LESS sleep)
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4. There's another thing you can do too (I'll give you a hint - have you heard the "Bravado" commercials?)  I think you can figure it out.

So try yoga in the shower and then jump in bed with someone and you're good.  After that, you're on your own.  TMI !     Sleep well, my friends.