Oh Deer! Tons on Capital Region Roads-5 Ways to Avoid Them
What should you do to avoid an accident with a deer? Here are some important tips. There may be some things that you thought you should do when a deer runs out in front of you, but in reality, you shouldn't. This list opened my eyes almost like deer in headlights. (Sorry I couldn't resist.)
You Can Help Capital Region Restaurants With 'Tip-Off Challenge'
The restaurant industry in the Capital Region was hit hard by the pandemic and three counties have come up with a way for diners to support local restaurants and staff. It's called the "Tri-County Tip-Off Challenge" and if you are going out in the Capital Region all month long you can help.
Beware! Holiday Gift Cards Top For Scammers
Gift cards have become the biggest seller for the holidays. I know I love to give gift cards because they are convenient and it gives the recipient the option to buy what they want. Beware though because scammers are targeting gift cards this holiday season.
Tips To Protect Your Pipes From Freezing
If you own a home or are a landlord, each winter you hope that we don't get a harsh winter.There is always a chance that your pipes could freeze. Here are a few tips that could save you a lot of time, money and stress.
Simple Way For Kids To Never Get Bored With Toys
Parents spend a fortune on toys, especially this time of year. But when the boredom sets in and it is time for something new, nothing is more frustrating than seeing a pile of toys (that were NOT cheap, btw) thrown in the corner of the bedroom. Imagine borrowing a toy for a little while, then returning it, only to have fresh, different toys delivered to the house. Welcome to toy-sharing.  It's on
Easy Tips To Make The Most Out Of Travers Day
50,000 people will make their way to the Saratoga Race Course tomorrow for the 149th running of the 1.25 million dollar Travers Stakes.  Having a successful Travers Day isn't just about making the right bet.  It's about the finding the right food, managing the large crowd, conveniently getting around town, and of course, winning a few bucks wouldn't be so bad either.  Here are a couple of handy ti

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