We've all been there, whether it was your own home or when you were visiting someone else, a critter is in the house and someone must take care of it. Over the weekend, my girlfriend Jenn's mom, Linda discovered there was a bat in her bedroom. Jenn's mom, Linda, has had critters in her house before. But the ones she can't stand are bats. This isn't the first time she found a bat in her bedroom. This time, Jenn was home and she had the camera rolling to get her mom's very genuine reaction.

Linda did and said what most people would. She swore a few times and then wanted to move out, sell the house, and stay in a hotel forever. There's no reasoning with someone who has to stay in that bedroom after a wild animal has been discovered there. She felt as if it were crawling on her and there were more waiting for her to go to sleep at night so they could scare her while she slept. Here was her reaction after the bat was discovered.

The very small bat was found in Linda's bathroom inside her bedroom. It was trapped in her tub and Jenn's brother and his friend finally corralled it and set it free. It's believed that the critter gained access to Linda's bedroom through the vent of an air conditioner that was in her window.

We may never know how the bat got in, but Linda believes it won't be the last. Now Jenn and her family continue to try and calm her mom down so she doesn't go bat crap crazy.

Have you ever had a critter trapped in your house? Who was the hero that got it out? Could you ever return to the room it was in? What creature was in your home?

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