I have to start this by saying that it is all in fun and I actually love this guy's enthusiasm for his beloved Cowboys, but I should also say, in fairness I am NOT a Cowboy fan. SO I almost have to have fun with it.

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I feel like most devoted football fans imagine what sort of "pep talk" they would give the team if they could Chad Mcghee is putting it right out there for the team and the public and he would like you to know that he is ready to win!

As he says the days of quarterback, after quarterback, after quarterback (times 10) is over. Ignoring the fact that Tony Romo has been with the team since 2003 and has started since 2006. Whew glad that turnover at quarterback is finally over.

Listen there are tons of references like that that just don't make a lot of sense and most Cowboy fans are pretty knowledgeable about football and their team, I'm not saying that Chad here completely represents the fan base but I will say there is one element that runs through his entire diatribe that seems consistent with most if not all Cowboy fans, and I think it is the thing that rubs other fans the wrong way. That is, the belief and somehow the Cowboys deserve to be the Champions every year no matter how long it's been since they have reached the top of the mountain, they are America's team , heck they are "The heart and beat of America", and  somehow they are being denied " what is rightfully theirs, just because they are the Cowboys." Listen, they are not being "denied" access to their birthright of wining by some unspeakable force or god they just have not been that good. And dude, they have won ONE game and you have them at the White House already,Ugh.

Hey, what do I know , the team I love has only one one NFL Championship and it was before the merger but I do LOVE the passion that football bring about in all of us fans! YOU GO CHAD!