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Eagle Fans Could Use A Hug; Their Season Is Over
This just in: Carson Wentz is done for the season. Torn ACL.  I never root for the hated Philadelphia Eagles team, but I also never root for bad things to happen to their players. I want them to lose, but I want them to lose properly.  It's hard, but even as a Cowboys fan I'm tak…
Stadium's ACM Transformation
Country Music's Biggest Party was a huge success last night in Arlington, Texas' AT&T Stadium. The ACM Awards took over the home of the Dallas Cowboy Stadium for the night and broadcast for 3.5 hours. Before the awards happened last night, the stadium had to be transformed from hos…
Three NFL Games On Thanksgiving Is A Lot To Be Thankful For
One of my favorite things about thanksgiving is watching football with my friends and family. I'll start by saying I have NO problem with Detroit and Dallas always being on Thanksgiving because I love tradition and now that Detroit is good I am even more excited for today's games.

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