There's nothing I can think of as important in a parent's life as the babysitter.  Finding a good childcare specialist is crucial to a parents mental stability. That's why when I read this story, it just made me shake my head.

I'll give you the facts and you can decide how you feel.

A three year old in Aberfeldy, England called the police on the 39 year old woman that was watching him.  It would seem that the woman, Jacqueline Robertson was drinking.  The 3 year old boy, called "999", England's version of "911" and told the dispatcher that the woman who was watching him was drunk.  And that he was worried about it.  When police arrived, the woman in question got angry and threw a wine glass at one of the officer's.  She apparently had already drank one bottle of wine and was chugging down a second.  She was arrested for assault and neglect.

Now, I cant see how this story doesn't make you a little angry.  And the more I think about it the more mad I get.

Who does this kid think he is?  When I was three years old, I didn't question the babysitter.  Clearly, as the grown up my parents left in charge, she knows better than me.  I certainly didn't know, or need to know how to dial the authorities.  ( These kids are getting hooked on all this technology a little to soon in life.)  Hey, I had a roof over my head and a warm place to sleep.  I didn't get involved in the goings on of the hired help.

Now these poor parents are going to have to begin a whole new search for a qualified childcare provider.  And you can bet it wont be easy now that everyone knows that this kid will drop the dime on you to the, " PO PO" every time you have a bottle or two of whiskey.  Clearly this kid just doesn't know his place.  This poor woman probably needed to drink a little to take the edge off.

I don't envy those parents.  But I guess it's their fault for raising an smart and independently thinking toddler. I could have warned them, that kind of child rearing will bit you in the butt every time.