A new program proposed by the governor would allow New York college students who are single parents to have free child care while they attend classes.
 There is a new pilot program that Governor Andrew Cuomo has proposed that offers free childcare to single parents who want to earn their degree.

According to News Channel 13, the program would allow up to four hundred single parents who are attending certain New York state community colleges free child care. The program is called the Family Empowerment Community College Pilot Program.

The best part is that the child care facilities are right on campus. This way single parents feel close to their children in case they need them while still being able to attend classes to earn their degree. There is already such a program at Hudson Valley Community College. It is called the Viking Child Care Center.

This program would allow single parent students to receive free child care at SUNY and CUNY community colleges. There are more services within this program. They include tutoring, career counseling and help with higher education like transferring into a four year school.

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