Steve Jobs was a genius.  We've covered this before.  But as we also know, geniuses can be quirky, to say the least. Steve was no exception. Here's a few revelations from his new biography:


60 minutes did a really good synopsis of Steve's new book.  There are some bizarre factoids revealed in it.  I'll give you a few teasers, and then you can click on the 60 Minutes Link in case you missed it.

1.  He told Obama that he would only make it thru one term!

2. He never liked apps!

3. He actually wanted to be a poet if Apple didn't pan out

4. He only had one book on his iPad and he read it every year.

5. He gave up religion at age 13

6. (I thought this was the most interesting)  He said the most important person working at Apple was...the head designer- because it's the design that's more crucial than anything else.

I can't wait to read this book.  There's alot in there about personal matters as well-like his relationship with his father, who he knew for years but never knew he was related! . Don't know about you, but  this book's going right on my iPad.  (Steve would have liked it that way!)