With all the hype on sparkling seltzers and spiked apple cider, Jack Daniels has introduced a new flavored whiskey just in time for the fall season. According to Delish.com, Jack Daniels has put a new flavor of whiskey on the market. It's called Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple. This new apple-flavored whiskey adds a nice spike to any hot toddy or fall beverage.

Jack Daniels has paired its classic whiskey with an apple liqueur to give it a bold and sweet flavor. They say it goes well in hot drinks, spiked cider or with soda and lemon juice.


You can get Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple Whiskey across the United States. It is available in stores as of October 1st. The whiskey is seventy proof and retails for $26.99 for a seven hundred fifty ml bottle.

The better news is when fall ends, the Tennessee Apple doesn't. There is no sign that they will pull it from shelves. Enjoy the flavors of the season and all that it has to offer now with Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple Whiskey.

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