The makers of candy hearts might be going out of business. This past Valentine's Day may have been the last time you could get those conversation hears for your sweetheart.  According to, Necco, the company that makes the wafers and the iconic candy hearts, may be going out of business after 170 years. They are currently looking for a buyer but if they don't get one in two months, the company may have to close up shop and lay off nearly four hundred employees.

Necco sells most of their candy hearts around Valentine's Day. They average two billion individual boxes sold in the six weeks around the holiday. But have no fear, if there is a buyer for Necco, they say the candy hearts will continue to be produced. Right now, Brach's has a similar version and Wonka has a sour version.

Necco isn't giving up yet. The CEO says that he put out an urgent message telling potential buyers to "CALL ME".

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