It's been the big topic in conversation this morning: Snow.

It's here. It's back and I'm feeling all sorts of things.

 Now let me start by saying, sure, we got off pretty easy last year. I mean, it was what? 78 degrees on Christmas day? (I loved that, by the way.) So, we can't really complain about the snow flurries we've been spotting throughout the Capital Region. Not yet any way.

But, I'll be the first to admit, I'm not excited for what could be coming this winter because of it.

There are so many feelings to be had when the first snow falls, so lets run through a few of what I feel and see if our emotions align.

  • Ugh. It's so cold outside.
  • Should I wear 3 or 4 layers today? Winter causes too much laundry.
  • Was that snow?
  • O-M-G! It is! Yay!
  • Oh, it's just so pretty!
  • I can't wait till it makes everything look like a picture!
  • *15 minutes pass* Every. Single. Facebook post. Says. It's snowing.
  • Yep, still snowing. And now it's getting in my hair.
  • Great now my hair's wet. Why did I bother?!
  • Come on heat, warm this car up quick!
  • Why is this guy going so slow?!?
  • It's just flurries! COME ON!
  • And we have MONTHS of this still to come?!
  • I can't even.
  • Is it May yet?!

Some say, "you don't like the weather here then move." No, see, I LOVE it here, I hate the cold. And that's okay because I know I'm not alone. There's something to be said about hating the cold as much as I do and still loving an area so much that I choose to deal with it. That's what hometown pride truly is. So, here's to the snow and staying warm and safe this snowy season! Hey, maybe it'll turn into last winter all over again, time will tell!