christmas spirit

Only One More Thing Can Put My Christmas Spirit Over the Top
On Black Friday, I literally shopped until I dropped.
I've wrapped all the gifts I've purchased so far with about 13 people on my list complete. (No, I don't have much more to do, but I do feel a little like Santa right now.)
I've gotten all of the Christmas decorations out. The ho…
The Christmas Spirit Is Alive And Well In Gloversville!
Recently I wrote a blog about how it seems that I truly am feeling the Christmas Spirit this year and that I was thankful because I really do think now more than ever the WORLD needs Christmas. I think we all need to feel a little warmth in our hearts and help others to feel it as well, so i was THR…
Dog Needs Home For Christmas
While doing some holiday shopping, I recently stumbled upon a pet adoption clinic at a pet store.  As I looked into the cold cages, these warm lonely brown eyes caught my attention.  There in front of me was Dilbert, one of many sad furry faces wanting to find a friend.