On Black Friday, I literally shopped until I dropped.

I've wrapped all the gifts I've purchased so far with about 13 people on my list complete. (No, I don't have much more to do, but I do feel a little like Santa right now.)

I've gotten all of the Christmas decorations out. The house is sparkling with lights. The ornaments are hung upon the tree, the stockings are hung with care.

Some might say I'm in the holiday spirit and in moments I am. There really is only one thing missing.

No, it's not snow. It's a holiday concert.

The beauty of it being Sunday night is I just need to wait less than 48-hours from now until that very thing takes place.

It's our first ever Jingle Jam and I seriously am so excited! I've been studying up on Brett Young, watching live performances on YouTube and falling more and more in love with "Sleep Without You." I've been following Runaway June on Twitter and Instagram as they travel from city to city, show to show and they seem to become more polished each and every time. I oddly enough was going through a box of memories of my radio career just this weekend and that's when I found a signed shirt and pictures with our third performer, Ryan Follese with his previous band, Hot Chelle Rae. I love him and always have.

I can't wait for this show! It's going to just be filled with talent and so much fun. I might be somewhat in the holiday spirit right now, but I know come the end of Tuesday I will be fully in this holiday spirit we all hope for.

I hope you'll be right there with me to help kick off the holiday season right!

I'll see ya at the show!

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