There is a local school bus driver that has gone above and beyond to make sure her riders are warm and cozy this holiday season. It just happens to be a woman that I went to high school with and she's doing great things for her school community. According to CBS 6 Albany, Kelly Hayes, who drives bus 423 for the Geyser Road Elementary School system, has knitted her way into the hearts of all of the kids that ride her bus. She has been giving out hand-knitted hats and gloves to kids that ride on her bus. She said she wanted to give the kids gifts that would keep them warm and cozy all winter. It turns out to be a perfect gift for the season.

Kelly Hayes has been a bus driver for Geyser Road Elementary School for three years and she says it's the most rewarding job she's ever had. She also says that she has built relationships with each of the riders and feels as if they are hers in a way.

Ms. Hayes noticed that some of her riders didn't have warm gloves or hats in the winter so she started knitting them. During the pandemic, to pass the time, she would knit. So she began to make hats in her downtime. Her parents also decided to donate forty pairs of gloves and hats themselves to help with the cause. They also tried to match each child's gloves and hats with what coats they wear.

Here's what Ms. Hayes said about seeing the kids after she handed out the hats and gloves:

It’s really been emotional and overwhelming. I did not expect that to come out. But Monday mornings, picking up each kid and they all had their hats on, matching coats, and they were all excited I just got really emotional and overjoyed.

At the very least, Ms. Hayes says she hopes to inspire others to spread kindness in any way they see fit. She said even though she gave, she felt she received much more.

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