Right around this time last year, Vinnie asked about which shows you thought should be on "Triple D." Well, it's a year later, Food Network still hasn't been here, so maybe they need a little push. Here are some of my ideas, what do you think?

According to the website TV Food Maps, the only time the Food Network has been here was to visit Newest Lunch (Schenectady) and Morrette's (Schenectady) both for the show "Food Paradise." Also, I'm pretty sure Bobby Flay has mentioned Hattie's enough to have them also count as being featured but that's not enough for the great places here!

How is that possible? I'm pretty sure Guy Fieri for "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Drives" has visited the same town in Maine almost 15 times. Yes, they have fresh lobster and seafood but the food here is delicious too!

  • Jumpin' Jacks (Scotia) - Whenever I hear about the Food Network coming to the Capital Region, the first place I think of is Jumpin' Jacks. They've had people write to "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives," reach out to Guy Fieri and no matter how hard they try, he still hasn't noticed us! It's home to the famous Jackburger, if you love coleslaw and burger, you need to see this on TV.
  • 20 North (Schenectady)- I'm from Schenectady so when I think wings, I think 20 North. It's a little out of the way from the main part of Downtown Schenectady and it looks kind of small but they made up for size in delicious flavor. I would put this on "Best Things I Ever Ate" in a heartbeat but triple D all the way!
  • Perecca's Bakery (Schenectady)- I've never seen a tomato pie like what I can get from Perecca's Bakery. Their walls are covered with celebrities who love the bakery, how hasn't Food Network noticed yet?
  • Bubbles (Mechanicville)- I've never experienced this personally but from what I've gathered from Chrissy (a Mechanicville native) is that this is the place to be. Smaller city, all gathered around one place? Guy Fieri, are you listening?
  • Illium Cafe (Troy)- I wish I lived closer but the food here is so fresh, the location is ideal and the background to the cafe is fascinating. Technically it's not really a diner, drive-in, or dive but it's delicious and should be featured!
  • Martha's Dandee Creme (Queensbury)- You can't tell me that when you've visited Great Escape, you haven't at least dreamed of stopping every time. It's so creamy, so wonderful, and some of the best ice cream I've ever had. Why hasn't the Food Network caught on to what the Today Show already found?
  • Wagon Train BBQ (Rotterdam)- This is more because of the "Man vs. Food" route but wouldn't you love to watch Guy Fieri take on "The Graveyard Burger?" Wagon Train did win a competition to be on the Travel Channel but there's more to this place than just a giant burger, check it out!

The only plus side to this is that without the Food Network making these places nationally known, they're still local to us and not packed with tourists just giving it a try. I just like seeing our area on TV and would love to see the Food Network appreciate it like we do!


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