Well, this is a story my wife, a longtime Patriots fan, is going to be very happy about.

According to HomeSnacks, the Capital Region has 2 of the top 10 places in the US with the most Patriots fans! Albany comes in at #7 and Schenectady at #10. Being so close to Massachusetts, I knew we had some Pats fans, but not this many! No surprise, Boston tops the list.

This is great news for my wife, a New Hampshire native, as we settle in to the area. She is a lifelong Patriots fan and knowing Pats nation is strong makes her fell more at home.

Me on the other hand, being a NJ native, I thought I would be back living among mostly Jets and Giants people after a 12 year NY sports exile in New England. I Now I get to keep hearing about all the rings Brady has and the Gronk spike. At least I can make jokes about deflategate to keep my sanity!

All kidding aside, if your a Pats fan in the Albany area, good luck this weekend! Even though my teams are not in it, I'll be enjoying the games and an ice cold one right along with you.