Friday morning we were back at it again!  Scott from Clifton Park sent an email to Brian and Chrissy asking them to mess with his buddy Henry, an enormous Patriots fan living in Maine.  Working as a team and posing as employees from a local cable provider, Brian and Chrissy made Henry jump through a series of ridiculous 'tests' to make sure his TV would handle the power surge created come kickoff Super Bowl Sunday.  Henry, fearing that the tests were completely necessary, complied with all of their insane demands.  Things that included turning on all electrical devices, running the hot water, and even turning on his central air to which he replied "It's colder than a witches --t!"  When it was all said and done, Henry was a great sport but did make sure to tell Brian and Chrissy that we owe him for January's electric bill. No problem, Hank!

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