Tom Brady has signed on for a couple more years with the New England Patriots and to celebrate, it looks like he's getting a new house. The realtor put pictures of the house up and it's probably your only chance to be inside the house of greatness.

Am I the only one who enjoys looking through people's houses? Not in a creepy way, but like a "Go through realtor websites in my neighborhood or of mansions from the comfort of my own house" kind of way. Well, Tom Brady just put his house on the market in Massachusetts and guess what was the first place I looked. has a page for the newly up for sale 112 Woodland Rd, Brookline, MA for $39,500,00. You probably don't recognize the address but it's the (soon-to-be) former house of New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady.

In case you're interested in details, Brady's house is only 4 years old, has 5 full bathrooms, 2 half bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, an inground pool, hot tub/spa, guest house, covered patio, central air, central heat, an attached garage and all you have to do is pay the "low" amount of taxes ($152000.00).

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