Rob Gronkowski and the New England Patriots are still in shock after they were upset by the Eagles in Super Bowl 52.  The all world tight end was most likely even more stunned when he got back to his home in Foxboro and found out his place had been robbed. The ever likable frat boy then placed a relatively calm 911 call to local police, and informed them that 'My whole house got robbed!'  While the robbery is no laughing matter, everything this guy says makes me chuckle a bit.   Take a listen

“This isn’t an emergency,” Gronkowski told  TMZ. “This is just uh, Rob Gronkowski calling, and while I was gone, my whole house got robbed while on the Super Bowl trip, and I just got back.”

Authorities confirmed the break-in to reporters on Tuesday morning, per CBS Boston. Officers were called to the property shortly after the Pats returned to Foxborough, Massachusetts, on Monday. There’s talk about firearms and sources say that three guns were stolen from Gronkowski’s house.

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