Now that "selfies" are a thing—it's true, the word's even in the dictionary now—we can safely assume that we'll be taking pictures of ourselves in that manner for the rest of our pathetic lives.

And, thankfully, a new study found out just how much time we'll be wasting on the phenomenon.

The average woman will now spend 753 HOURS of her life taking, retaking, filtering, and posting selfies.

That's a full MONTH of your life! Ladies, please.

Since we're gonna do it anyway, we might as well make them look good!  So, from the same study, here are a few tips for making your selfies award-worthy.

The study also found the top tricks people use to try to make the photos of themselves look better:

1. Use soft mood lighting

2. Shoot from a downward angle

3. Use a slim body pose

4. Use Instagram filters

5. Smize (Smile with your eyes)

And, you know what, throw a "duck face" in there for good measure!

Happy posting!


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