Upstate Location and Cast Announcement for Dannemora Film
Remember in 2015 when Clinton County Correctional Facility in Dannemora was all anyone could talk about? Recently, we had the brilliant Lifetime movie "New York Prison Break: The Seduction of Joyce Mitchell" and now Showtime picked it up for a miniseries with some pretty big names.
Luke Perry Can’t Keep His Hands To Himself In Clip From 90210 Movie [Watch]
Stop everything you're doing right now and set your DVR to record The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story on October 3 on Lifetime! If the movie is anything like this juicy clip, it's going to be amazing! In this sneak peak, the actor who plays Luke is shooting a make-out scene with the actress who plays Brenda and he can't keep his hands off her...
Average Woman Spends Way Too Much Time Taking Selfies
Now that "selfies" are a thing—it's true, the word's even in the dictionary now—we can safely assume that we'll be taking pictures of ourselves in that manner for the rest of our pathetic lives. And, thankfully, a new study found out just how much time we'll be wasting on the phenomenon...
Porco Drama Airing
In the mid-2000's, The Christopher Porco story was on the cover of every newspaper in the Albany area and beyond. Now, the 'good-looking' murderer and his 'shocking' horrific story will be told to the nation on Lifetime television.
Royal Wedding to Be Well Publicized
If you've ever been curious to see a royal wedding, you will certainly have that opporunity when Prince William and his fiancé, Kate Middleton, tie the knot.
LeAnn Rimes Engaged
It was a very Merry Christmas for LeAnn Rimes indeed, as she got herself a nice new 5 karat rock on her ring finger!
Garth Brooks Song Now a Movie
If you are a fan of Garth Brooks and his music you will be happy to know that one of his biggest hits "Unanswered Prayers" has been turned into a TV movie. The film, Co-produced by Garth, will debut on Lifetime on November 29th.