Store Hours On Thanksgiving And Black Friday
There are fifty plus stores that will be closed Thanksgiving Day. There are many more, however, that will be to cater to those who want the best deals. Here is a comprehensive list of the store hours of all the retailers that will be open both on Thanksgiving and Black Friday
Average Woman Spends Way Too Much Time Taking Selfies
Now that "selfies" are a thing—it's true, the word's even in the dictionary now—we can safely assume that we'll be taking pictures of ourselves in that manner for the rest of our pathetic lives. And, thankfully, a new study found out just how much time we'll be wasting on the phenomenon...
Extended Holiday Hours for Malls Near Albany
Many area malls and grocery stores have extended their hours for the holidays.  So if you're like me, have no fear!  You can still shop tonight even after the kids go to bed or after you're done doing the million and half other things you have to do in order to earn money to buy holiday gifts.