This will be my first Luke Bryan concert experience. I've been to plenty of concerts, but Luke I think may be a different animal.

Every show you go to, you can expect certain things based on the headlining perfomer. So, I sat down and thought long and hard about Luke's toosh...I mean, show! Luke Bryans SHOW...and here are the top things I believe we can all expect this Sunday at SPAC.

Ladies...LOTS and LOTS of ladies. Not just ladies, but ladies of all ages. Because LLLB (Ladies Love Luke Bryan...get it?)

Short shorts. Well, it is the summertime after all and the end of a very HOT July here in the Capital Region. Plus, the hope is that Luke will be close enough to see us showing some extra skin, amiright?!

Beer. For a couple of reasons: 1) it's a concert 2) it's a country concert 3) it's Luke Bryan and 4) he has a song called "Drink a Beer" it's like he's telling you what to do in song title! Just do it!

Cat fights. I mean, there will be at least one and it'll be over something incredibly stupid like a girls friend showing up wearing the same shade of lipstick or "why is my boyfriend calling YOU?!" Well, because you didn't answer your phone and he knew you were with me...that could be an answer, right?

Shirts that say "Who Has Two Thumbs and Loves Luke Bryan?" I hope not, but there will probably be a couple.

That couple that makes out during "Strip it Down." No, don't blame it on the alcohol, just go find a room, k?

The guy that's been "friendzoned." It's a real thing and we will see it firsthand, Sunday. I'm sorry bro, she's just not interested. No matter how many of these sexy country dude shows you attend together, no matter how many selfies you take...when she posts something for your birthday on social media, she will say something like "I'm so happy you were born today so I could have my brother from another mother for the rest of my life" and you'll think back to this Luke Bryan show and cry a little.

The group of dudes that think they were born as a gift to all the ladies. You'll be able to spot them easily. They'll look like a flock of seagulls about to pounce on some roadkill. The only difference is the sunglasses, backwards hat and cargo shorts. Ladies, beware...but, take their beer.

The girl that is undoubtably the BIGGEST Luke Bryan fan in the Capital Region who's SN is "MrsLukeBryan518" and will be belting out the lyric to EVERY.SINGLE.SONG. By the way, she can't sing.

Oh...and this. You'll see this.

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