Spectacular Meteor Shower to Happen Sunday Night
2020 has been good for one thing and that is the spectacular views in the night sky. There is a meteor shower that will happen this Sunday night that we could possibly see up to one hundred shooting stars. Here's how to watch.
Full Hunter's Moon This Weekend
October brings Halloween and a full harvest moon this weekend. Plus it will look bigger and brighter than normal. Here are the details on the best time to see the full harvest moon this weekend.
American Idol Auditions This Weekend In NY
If you think you have what it takes to be the next American Idol, this weekend could put you on the right track. American Idol is holding auditions this weekend and it's the only stop in New York state.
Scotty Sings With His Mom
Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend with your family! We always knew Scotty McCreer\y was close with his family, and this Easter he started the day singing the duet "New Again" with his mom at their church in Garner, NC.