Neighbors in my apartment complex are starting to decorate for the Halloween season. I enjoy seeing all of the festive decorations and usually don't mind the scary ones. When we returned home the other night, Ryan screamed and was terrified at what we saw across the street. Check out the picture...what should I do? Let me first say that we really love our new apartment and all of our neighbors. This has nothing to do with our relationship. They are great people. When we came home the other night and parked, Ryan screamed from the backseat and yelled out, "Who's that man in the window?". The picture below is what he saw, in the dark.

Chrissy, Townsquare Media

I am not one to ruffle any feathers and I actually enjoy Halloween decorations, even the scary ones, but this one really rattled my son, Ryan. Would it be appropriate to ask them to take the "scary man" out of the window or should I just tell Ryan that it's part of Halloween to be scared?