Recent articles are talking about teens as young as 11 asking "Am I pretty?" on YouTube and older teens that will no longer be photoshopped in Seventeen Magazine.

In the article about YouTube, comedian, blogger and feminist Margaret Cho gives CNN an interview about her take on the young teenagers posting videos like this. In a post on her website, Cho told teens to take the videos down: "You don’t need people to tell you how beautiful you are on there. You don’t need to put yourself in the position to be judged that way. You are better than that and you deserve the very best in life."

Comments on the teen's YouTube videos range from supportive to just plain pervy. Comments and views have reached into the millions on some videos. This is coming down to the Internet reflecting the messages and feelings about appearance that teens face everyday.

The article about Seventeen, it says that due to a petition signed by 84,000 people the magazine will no longer edit any images of teenagers that it features in the magazine. Seventeen says, "We will never change girl's bodies or face shapes (never have never will)."

In the magazine they show a before and after spread of an altered image and offer readers a "Body Peace Treaty."