In an effort to curb the use of tobacco products and now e-cigarettes in younger New Yorkers, the governor is hoping to raise the legal age across the state.  According to WIVB, Governor Andrew Cuomo will introduce a proposal in this year's executive budget that will raise the state's minimum age from 18 to 21 to buy electronic cigarettes and tobacco products.

If it passes, e-cigarettes would only be sold in licensed retailers and it would ban the sale of tobacco and electronic cigarettes in pharmacies. This is an effort to try and diminish teen vaping and further the effort of eliminating teen smoking. Cuomo hopes that this will also curb teens from starting on electronic cigarettes.

The governor said that more and more youth are smoking cigarettes and using e-cigarettes or vaping younger and younger. It also states that twenty eight thousand New York adults die as a result of smoking. It is in the governor's plan to change that.

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