There is nothing like taking a well deserved vacation. But it is sometimes hard to keep up with all of the rules that you need to follow while going through airport security. Here's a reminder and a few tips to make your airport visit easier. When going through airport security it's hard to remember if you need to take your shoes off, take your laptop out of the case, take off your belt or not to bring snacks. These are a few reminders of what you can and cannot do at the TSA checkpoints.

  • Be prepared to take off your shoes and place them in a bin
  • Always empty your pockets
  • Take off your belt and place it in the bin
  • Put your cell phone in a bin
  • Take your lap top out of its case and place it in a bin
  • Put all liquids in a clear plastic bag
  • You may be asked to finish snacks before going through or place them in a bin
  • Always finish drinks before going through the checkpoint

You are also encouraged to arrive to the airport two hours before your flight, or three hours if you are traveling to another country.

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