Flying This Summer? Tips For Easier Travel
There is nothing like taking a well deserved vacation. But it is sometimes hard to keep up with all of the rules that you need to follow while going through airport security. Here's a reminder and a few tips to make your airport visit easier.
Turks and Caicos In Photos: Part 1
This is not meant to be one of these "I'm here and you're not -ha ha ha" articles.  I want to show you what we have been experiencing over the past couple of days in hopes that you can make this your vacation spot. And in fact, you can WIN a trip here!
Pet Peeves About Packing For A Trip
I'm trying to write this blog in the midst of packing for our trip to Turks and Caicos. I'm sure we will be sending back some really nice photos to promote this beautiful location. But in the meantime, I am pulling the rest of my hair out, because I hate packing. Here are my top packing pe…
Richie's Carnival Song
What a tragedy at sea!  But then again, as I've learned from Saturday Night Live and other shows, comedy can come from unfortunate circumstances.  You have to laugh these days or you'll go crazy, correct?  So with that in mind, I present my song about this incident, with apo…

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