Wow, Adams, Mass.  You nearly brought down the website with your response to your song.   They might just be town to beat, Capital Region.

I've been writing small town songs on this station for as long as I can remember.  I have old tapes from before I even worked with Sean, believe it or not. (Remember tapes?)

Ironically, the only other small town songs that I can think of that got this much response were the ones I did for North Adams, Mass and Coxsackie.  You can hear them below

Your Town Thursday

Shot with an iPhone 5, by the way


Ok, so the pressure is now on you, townsfolk.  Looking for the next one to create a song for.

Hopefully you know what I'm looking for -it can be serious or comical or both.  What are the interesting historical facts about your town?   How many broken stoplights are there?  I can throw both types of information in!  If you have photos, include them too!  I'd love it! Send everything to

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